Around 1998 a group of Tibetan monks came to my small hometown in Michigan. It was a stop during their world tour to bring awareness of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. At this time I knew nothing of Buddhism or a country called Tibet! This was the midwest folks. My life was forever changed during those few days. Witnessing their dance, their songs, speaking with the monks, I was instantly mezmorized by their culture and who they were. 17 years later my ultimate dream of traveling to Tibet came true. While flipping through Instagram I came across The Land of Snows photography tour and signed up immediately. Jamin, the owner and tour guide, was incredible and someone I now call a friend. Describing my experience is too hard to put into words. It changed me. It left a mark. It still haunts me, in a good way.

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Some Buddhist will travel for hundreds of miles doing prostrations the entire way to the Jokhang. Many of them had callus's on their foreheads from placing their head on the ground so many times.