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San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco? Welcome to my home. As a local who typically uses her feet as my transportation , I have discovered many beautiful, strange, quirky, odd places and sights to see! As well as some fantastic restaurants. If you find anything along your trip that I have not included, please drop me a line to add it to the list. I would love to hear all your stories and adventures.


Picturesque, hilly, foggy, eclectic, liberal, crazy, wild, charming, diverse. All words one may describe San Francisco. I call it home.


Since my feet are my main form of transportation, I see so many unique, beautiful, and odd things around the city. One may easy pass them by in a car, bus, or bike.


Here is a collection of random photos I've taken during my strolls. I continue to add to this gallery so please check back often!

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