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San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco? Welcome to my home. As a local who typically uses her feet as my transportation , I have discovered many beautiful, strange, quirky, odd places and sights to see! As well as some fantastic restaurants. If you find anything along your trip that I have not included, please drop me a line to add it to the list. I would love to hear all your stories and adventures.


Picturesque, hilly, foggy, eclectic, liberal, crazy, wild, charming, diverse. All words one may describe San Francisco. I call it home.


Since my feet are my main form of transportation, I see so many unique, beautiful, and odd things around the city. One may easy pass them by in a car, bus, or bike.


Here is a collection of random photos I've taken during my strolls. I continue to add to this gallery so please check back often!

Window Display in Nob Hill
Window Display in Nob Hill

I've walked by many times and these mannequin's have many wardrobe changes.

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