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Munich Germany

With a week off work last April, I thought to myself, "Stay home? Well that's absurd!" My first thought was Berlin Germany. One week in Berlin didn't seem like enough time to explore. After chatting with a friend about my thoughts, she suggested Munich because it's totally walkable and she loved it. Done! I went straight home and booked my flight. This was my second solo trip and I was beyond excited! Again I was confronted with concerns from family back home. "Why Germany? Why are you going by yourself? Why don't you visit your family? I just don't understand. Where's Germany?" I just had to let it roll off my back. Explaining myself to my sweet old school grandmother was pointless. This was my response: "But Gram, they have delicious cheese and polka!" She completely changed her tune. "Oh! Maybe I should go with you." 


Munich was like a fairytale. Every building and every landscape seemed to come out of a story I read as a child. I strolled around the city with the eyes of a child, in awe of everything. The city was very walkable and fairly easy to get around, except the day I ventured too far from the city center and got terribly lost. This story is included in the photos above.


I stayed at the Hotel Schlicker, located only a few blocks from the train station and the Marianoplatz. I highly recommend staying here not only because of the location, the friendly staff, and cozy rooms, but also the free yummy breakfast! They not only serve traditional German fare but also western style breakfast food. I always left completely stuffed and satisfied.


I recommend staying in Munich for 3 to 4 days and venture outside the city. There are many day trips such as touring the Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles and even a trip to Salzburg Austria! I had booked a bus trip to Salzburg and actually had butterflies in my stomach from the excitment. On the eve of Tuesday, I was researching the location of the bus pickup and realized my ticket was for Tuesday morning. I missed the bus! Oh my heart sank as I realized this. I had this terrible ache inside because Austria was so close! I tried to book another trip and failed. Looking on the positive side I realized one day in Austria was not enough for me. When I visit Austria it will be for at least a week!



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